Todd the Guitarman

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Upcoming Dates:

 For Bookings please email:     [email protected]


Sunday March 28th at Jason's Vineyard, Jamesport (1-5pm) WEATHER PERMITTING

Friday April 16th at Moose Lodge, Riverhead (6-9pm)

Saturday April 24th at Jason's Vineyard, Jamesport (1-5pm)

Saturday May 8th at Jamesport Farm Brewery (12-4)

Friday May 14th at Moose Lodge, Riverhead (6-9pm)

Saturday May 15th at Liars Saloon Montauk (5-8)

Saturday May 29th at Liars Saloon Montauk (5-8)

Sunday May 30th aJason's Vineyard, Jamesport (1-5pm)

Saturday June 5th at Liars Saloon Montauk (5-8)

Saturday June 26th at Liars Saloon Montauk (5-8)

Saturday July 24th at Liars Saloon Montauk (5-8)

Saturday July 31sJason's Vineyard, Jamesport (1-5pm)

Friday August 6th Moose Lodge, Riverhead (6-9pm)

Saturday August 7th at Liars Saloon Montauk (5-8)

Saturday August 21st at Liars Saloon Montauk (5-8)

Sunday August 22nd aJason's Vineyard, Jamesport (1-5pm)

Saturday August 28th at Liars Saloon Montauk (5-8)

Friday September 3rd Moose Lodge, Riverhead (6-9pm)

Sunday September 5th at Liars Saloon Montauk (5-8)

Saturday September 18th at Liars Saloon Montauk (5-8)

Saturday September 25th at Liars Saloon Montauk (5-8)

* For Bookings please email:     [email protected]

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates. There's much more to come!